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Behind the Universe: Princess, the Fifth

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Over 150 years ago, the Xenorian Cotillion discovered a secret, long range listening post located on an otherwise uninhabited Mars, built by the Brotillian Confederacy, their sworn enemies. Xenorian military scientists, looking to establish a base of their own on Earth, began running tests on the Humans to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses. They stumbled upon the dormant GEHM gene, a unique gene that once granted Humans special abilities. They discovered that the gene becomes dormant once all of the major organs become functional. The scientists developed a serum that allowed for the gene to continue to express itself even after birth, but it had to be administered within the first trimester of Human pregnancy. The scientists kidnapped twelve Human mothers from across the globe and injected the drug directly into their placentas. The serum was also infused with specific Xenorian genetic material so that the Humans would be intentionally born part Xenorian, giving them a much longer lifespan and increased mental faculties. As each child was born, the scientists would place them in maturation chambers where their physical growth would be sped up. The chambers would also allow them to undergo specialized gene therapy to help guide and monitor the development of their special abilities. Unfortunately for Ciralynn, her maturation chamber malfunction, stunting her physical growth. As the children reached what would be their adolescent years, the scientists conducted mental conditioning regimens to ensure loyalty, as well as fluency in Xenon, the official language of the Xenorians. The war came to an end, and the laboratory and its experiments were to be destroyed, but the facility was overrun by armed Human soldiers, telepathically called upon by one of the twelve. The Xenorian scientists were killed and the lab and its equipment was destroyed. The children were rescued and sent to live with various families across the globe.

Ciralynn Book was the fifth of the twelve born and was raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Her adoptive father was a forgotten son of the former Emperor of Ethiopia, Menelik II, who had left Ethiopia to pursue a different path from national rule. He and his wife would have one other child, a son. During the First World War, the father was drafted into the South African army and died in combat. The mother took her son and moved to what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, abandoning Princess in Cape Town. After the war, Princess moved to the United Kingdom to be with her oldest "brother", Timothy Fitzgerald, the first of the twelve. He was in the process of laying the foundation for what would become the world's largest holding company, the Zenon Group.

The Zenon Group is a multinational holding company owned by the twelve “siblings”. As a group, the siblings also refer to themselves by this name. While serving as the Executive Vice President of Compliance, Princess ensures that the standards established by the Zenon Group are adhered to across all corporations, agents, and subsidiaries of the Zenon Group. She also ensures that the Zenon Group and its holdings are adhering to all domestic and international laws. Like Mauricio and Jerry, Ciralynn uses her code name (Princess) when working out in the field on special assignments for the Zenon Group. Unlike the others, she has only been on one such assignment, in 1943. Her powers left several US Navy personnel trapped inside the bulkheads of the USS Eldridge. She has used her powers sparingly since, and only in the course of her work as VP. Princess has traveled extensively throughout Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and Central America. She maintains a home in São Paulo, Brazil, Nassau, Bahamas, Negril, Jamaica, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, and Cape Town, South Africa. Princess is a ruthless business woman and extremely conservative. She is demanding and has high expectations of others. She has very little sympathy for those unwilling, or unable, to fend for themselves. She is intolerant to disloyalty and loathes disobedience. She is highly intelligent and incredibly wise, and is often sought by Timothy for her counsel.

For over a century, the group has used their special abilities, their wealth, and their global influence to push their secret agendas. They largely do so behind the cover of their holding company, but there are times where members must take special steps to maintain their dominance on the world stage. In those instances, they send in Princess.

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