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Real Name: Ciralynn Book

Title: Executive Vice President of Compliance

Affiliation: Zenon Group

Sex: Female

Height/Weight: 4’3; 90lbs

Date of Birth: December 7

Race: African
Nationality: South African

Citizenship: Jamaica; United Kingdom; Republic of South Africa

Ciralynn has matter manipulation abilities. She can create, change, destroy, or even alter physical matter just by thinking about it. She can only affect objects in a limited sphere around her. Xenorian genetic infusion and manipulation allows for Ciralynn to live three times longer than the average Human and immune to all Human and Xenorian diseases. Due to a malfunction in her maturation unit, Ciralynn has been unable to physically grow past that of a twelve-year-old. Ciralynn is fluent in English, Xenorian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Amharic.

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