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Behind the Universe: Miedo, the Sixth

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Over 150 years ago, the Xenorian Cotillion discovered a secret, long range listening post located on an otherwise uninhabited Mars, built by the Brotillian Confederacy, their sworn enemies. Xenorian military scientists, looking to establish a base of their own on Earth, began running tests on the Humans to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses. They stumbled upon the dormant GEHM gene, a unique gene that once granted Humans special abilities. They discovered that the gene becomes dormant once all of the major organs become functional. The scientists developed a serum that allowed for the gene to continue to express itself even after birth, but it had to be administered within the first trimester of Human pregnancy. The scientist kidnapped twelve Human mothers from across the globe and injected the drug directly into their placentas. The serum was also infused with specific Xenorian genetic material so that the Humans would be intentionally born part Xenorian, giving them a much longer lifespan and increased mental faculties. As each child was born, the scientist would place them in maturation chambers where their physical growth would be sped up. The chambers would also allow them to undergo specialized gene therapy to help guide and monitor the development of their special abilities. As they reached the equivalent of teenagers, the scientist conducted mental conditioning regimens to ensure loyalty, as well as fluency in Xenon, the official language of the Xenorians. The war came to an end, and the laboratory and its experiments were to be destroyed, but the facility was overrun by armed Human soldiers, telepathically called upon by one of the twelve. The Xenorian scientists were killed and the lab and its equipment was destroyed. The children were rescued and sent to live with various families across the globe.

Mauricio Moreno was the sixth of the twelve born. He was raised in Barcelona, the capital of Spain's Catalonia region, by a minister of development, during the reign of King Amadeo I, and his wife, a primary school teacher. The couple had two daughters, and Mauricio was their only son. His father was killed by Carlist who opposed Amadeo. Mauricio's mother moved the family to Badajoz, just outside the Portuguese border. She remarried a deputy director of the newly created Polícia de Segurança Pública (Public Security Police) and relocated to Lisbon. Miedo stayed behind, however, and pursued a degree in economics. He completed and immediately began helping his eldest "brother", Timothy Fitzgerald, establish what is now the global empire known as the Zenon Group. Today, he serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO).

The Zenon Group is a multinational holding company owned by the twelve “siblings”. As a group, the siblings also refer to themselves by this name. While serving as the Chief Operating Officer for the entire company, Mauricio oversees the day-to-day operations of the company and its holdings, and works closely with Timothy, the company's CEO. As COO he spends more time than most other members managing the group's assets and overseeing the daily operations of the several companies. He is instrumental in ensuring the Zenon Group, by way of its subsidiaries, remains one of the most profitable multinationals in the world. He rarely works outside of this role and only gets involved with side missions when his particular abilities are required. He is authoritative in his leadership style and sets high expectations from everyone, including his own siblings. He is assertive, opinionated, aggressive, and is not known to back down from a fight. Most of the Zenon Group's riskier acquisitions have been because of Mauricio's bullish business decisions. He is a staunch supporter of the Spanish monarchy and the European Union. Currently, he is based in Barcelona, but spends time in Gibraltar and travels throughout Northern Africa, Western Europe, and parts of the Americas.

For over a century, the group has used their special abilities, their wealth, and their global influence to push their secret agendas. They largely do so behind the cover of their holding company, but there are times where members must carry out special assignments. In those instances, Mauricio goes by the name of Miedo.

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