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Wonder Woman Synopsis

Written By: Lincoln Farquharson & Carlos Rivera (the Sourcerers Supreme), September 2012

Prologue: Before FarCorners Studios, co-founders Lincoln and Carlos would get together and write script ideas for future superhero movies that they hoped would one day become reality. In 2012, it just seemed that since Batman (2005) and Superman (2006) got their reboot, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe was in full swing, there needed to be a movie with a strong female lead. Wonder Woman was the obvious choice. They went to work on drafting a script and even got so far as submitting a synopsis (below) to some Hollywood lawyers. The lawyers told them that although their story was good, it would not be well received by those who weren't familiar with Wonder Woman. To the Hollywood execs, the story was written for Wonder Woman fans, not for people who were new to the franchise. Lincoln and Carlos may have had their dreams dashed, but it might have been the catalyst needed to start their own superhero franchise . . .

On the island of Themyscira, Hippolyta awakes from a dream she has of her life before she became Queen of the Amazons. After the annual ceremony, Feast of the Five, Hippolyta runs to the riverbank and molds the child she lost out of clay. Miraculously, the rain washes away the clay to reveal a real life baby girl.

We fast forward to the present and in the Mediterranean Sea, the aircraft carrier USS Liberty (CVN-83) is doing flight exercises. Captain Steven Trevor leads a squadron of fighter jets, with Lt. Lauren Haley, his love interest, in the group. Meanwhile, Diana, daughter of Hippolyta and Princess of the Amazons, is fully grown and riding horseback around the island. She dreams of one day leaving the island and seeing Man’s world. Diana wanders into the throne room, believing that she was summoned by her mother, but her best friend Io, who secretly loves her, surprises her and they begin to spar. She hits the magic mirror that hides Themyscira, temporarily causing the island to become visible. Trevor is the only one that notices it and is caught off guard, almost flying into another jet. His squadron returns to the carrier and he attempts to explain to Haley what happened but she blames it on the fact that he is just anticipating his reassignment to the Pentagon. Admiral Griggs, an old friend and a member of the Joint Chiefs, finds Trevor and explains to him his new assignment: go to Vlatava and retrieve information on Count Vertigo’s heavy weapons program. We find out at this point that Trevor used to work for Naval Intelligence.

Diana and Io leave the palace and Diana expresses to Io her desires to leave the island but Io dismisses her. There is a trumpet sound that disrupts their conversation and the two of them go to the Hippodrome. Once seated, Hippolyta informs the Amazons of a mission requested by the goddess Athena to stop her brother Ares and bring him back to Themyscira. In order to see who shall go, a tournament is to be held and all Amazons willing to participate are called to the arena floor. Seeing Diana rise to leave, Hippolyta tells Diana that she is unable to participate. Later, Diana has a conversation with another Amazon by the name of Mala, who decides to switch with Diana so she can enter the contest. The next day there is a series of challenges and it isn’t until the last match between the remaining two opponents do we realize that it is Io and Diana. Diana eventually wins the bout and is given armor, bracelets, lasso, and final instructions.

Trevor travels to Vlatava under another identity and is a guest at Count Vertigo’s annual gala in a convention center of sorts. In the main ballroom he sees Diana, also in disguise, and requests a dance. They talk briefly but are interrupted by an explosion. Turkish military is pushing into Vlatava and the building is hit. As people flee, Count Vertigo is being escorted away by his bodyguard. Diana runs after them and Trevor follows. As Count Vertigo and the bodyguard rush down a corridor Diana calls out for the bodyguard to stop, which is revealed to be Deimos, son of Ares. Trevor pulls a gun out and instructs Vertigo to come to him. Trevor is confused by the conversation between Diana and Deimos but moves in to apprehend Vertigo who is being held by Deimos. Deimos pushes Vertigo into Trevor and Diana rushes Deimos to begin fighting. Another explosion rocks the building and a part of the ceiling comes down over Vertigo. Trevor pushes him out of the way but the rubble lands on Trevor’s leg. During the fight, Vertigo makes a run for it but Trevor watches as he is captured by Turkish military. Diana and Deimos seemed to ignore everyone else and Trevor struggles to free himself from the debris. Turkish military open fire on Diana and Deimos. While Diana is distracted, Deimos makes a run for it. Diana uses her lasso to ensnare him. As Turkish military surrounds the three of them, Diana throws down a marble/bead that opens up a Boom Tube and transports them back to Themyscira.

Once on the island, the Amazons shackle Deimos into a cell that nullifies his god powers. Trevor wakes to find himself submerged in a mud bath, his leg has been healed. An Amazon stands over him and he is taken to the throne room where he sees Diana in her Amazon garb. In the throne room Diana defends Steven Trevor against Io and Nu’Bia, Head of the Royal Guard, insisting that she had no choice but to bring him along. Hippolyta banishes Diana for breaking one of their sacred laws: men are not allowed on the island. That evening, Diana and Trevor fly Amelia Earhart’s plane back to the United States. Diana explains the story behind Earhart’s disappearance and how Themyscira is able to move to different places. Just as they enter US airspace, they are gunned down. The plane crashes just outside of Liberty Island and Diana carries Trevor to safety. Trevor makes a promise to help her adjust to life in Patriarch’s World.

Once in Manhattan, Diana finally gets to see all that she has read about but is quick to point out that women still have not been placed as the head of the military or government in the United States. She is also bothered by the fact that there are poor people and that there are so many inequalities among men. Trevor takes her to Lt. Haley’s apartment to which he has keys, so that they can regroup and get some rest. Diana explains to Trevor the history between Man and the Amazons. The next morning Lt. Haley arrives surprised to find Steven Trevor in her apartment. Diana walks in on them as well. Trevor convinces Haley to drive them out to the nearest military airfield so that he could get to the Pentagon and speak with Admiral Griggs.

The trio arrives at the base not knowing that General Darnell, another member of the Joint Chiefs, is discussing military plans with Phobos in disguise as a Greek General, via teleconference. Diana recognizes Phobos as he is seen leaving a building and attacks. Diana defeats Phobos by using his own spear to kill him. Helicopters with soldiers arrive. Diana explains to Trevor who Phobos was and realizes that there is more to what is going on. Trevor convinces her to come back to the Pentagon so that they could be debriefed and develop a plan.

On the island of Crete, the Turkish government has taken over the entire island. In caves deep within Mount Olympus, the General of the Turkish Army and Count Vertigo stand together. Vertigo reads from a document and studies markings on the walls of the cavern. It is here we discover that the two are working together and that the invasion of Vlatava was a ploy. The General finds an inscription on the walls and reads it and a giant metal sentinel called Talos awakens and moves in to attack. The General pulls out the robot’s blueprints and instructs the sentinel to obey him. It is revealed that the General is in fact Ares in disguise.

In the Pentagon, Trevor tries to explain to General Darnell, Admiral Griggs, who is also a member of the Joint Chiefs, and Senator Covington, Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, everything he knows about the situation. Darnell doesn’t want to believe him even with Admiral Griggs’ support. The scene cuts to an imprisoned Deimos. He hears a whisper from Ares. He reaches into his inside jacket pocket and detonates an explosive, destroying his cell and killing the Amazons on guard. Now free and having his godly powers restored he makes his way for the throne room, killing all of the Amazons in his path. He makes it to the throne room to be confronted by Nu’Bia. They fight, but before Deimos is taken down, he manages to shatter the magic mirror.

Back in the Pentagon, someone hands Admiral Griggs a printout that reports of a landmass appearing in the Bermuda Triangle. The conversation shifts to discuss Themyscira’s sudden appearance, but General Darnell believes this to be a secret weapon of the Turkish government. General Darnell believes Diana to be in on it and orders for her arrest, but she resists and escapes with Trevor and Haley helping her. They get to a naval air base and Trevor volunteers to fly Diana to Themyscira. Darnell, Covington, and the rest of the Joint Chiefs, with the exception of Admiral Griggs, agree that a preemptive strike against the Amazons is necessary before they are able to attack the US and its allies. They force a reluctant Admiral Griggs to order the Liberty to halt their return trip back to Norfolk and to engage the island. Griggs has one of the soldiers pull up any video feed from the attack at the Army base for his review.

On Themyscira, Ares and Talos are on the island attacking the Amazons. The Amazons struggle to fend off the sentinel. Nu’Bia warns Hippolyta that they don’t seem capable of stopping Talos. Diana and Trevor arrive on the island and find her mother in the middle of the fight. Hippolyta instructs her to look for a sign of Hephaestus. Ares quickly makes it to the palace. As he enters the throne room Hippolyta joins him and they fight. Here it is revealed that being on Themyscira helps restore much of his god powers. It is also revealed that Ares is there to open Doom’s Doorway so that Hades can enter this dimension and re-establish the Pantheon, the source of power for the gods.

Diana sees the mark of Hephaestus, the creator of Talos, and is able to destroy the giant. In the Atlantic, the USS Liberty approaches Themyscira and prepares to fire. Trevor attempts to make contact with the ship but they don’t respond. General Darnell comes over the radio to speak to Trevor and tells him that any act to interfere would be considered treasonous and will result in an end to his career and imprisonment. Trevor ignores and shoots down missiles fired at Themyscira. Several aircraft are launched to intercept Trevor.

Diana gets to the palace to find her mother missing. A passageway behind the now shattered mirror is seen and Diana makes her way through it. She enters the catacombs under the palace, a large cavern that looks like remnants of an ancient Greek/Roman city. Her mother is strapped to a stone table, obviously used for sacrifices, before a large wooden door with a huge visible pulley system. Diana rushes to her mother’s aide. Ares summons his Blade of War and fights the two Amazons. He overpowers them and uses the sword as a key to unlock the door. Hades exits and commands an army of undead to fight for a weakened Ares.

Outside Themyscira, just before the fighter planes engage Trevor, Admiral Griggs orders all naval forces to stand down. By this time, Amazons, led by Nu’Bia and Io, arrive in the catacombs to fight. They fight the undead soldiers and Diana engages Hades while Hippolyta goes to remove the sword. Hades pushes Diana away and kills Hippolyta just as she pulls out the sword. Diana rushes for Hades, grabbing the Blade of War and plunges it into his chest.

A vortex sucks everything back into the Underworld, including Ares. Diana saves her mother’s body from being sucked in. Back in the throne room, Hippolyta is laid before the gathered Amazons and Athena appears to them. Trevor walks into the throne room. Athena pronounces Diana, Queen of the Amazons.

Ares, somewhere in the Underworld, picks up Hades’ helmet and sits on his throne and talks to someone, congratulating them on a well executed plan. We see this person to be Athena.

After credit scene: Steven Trevor stands in a seemingly empty hanger. Lucious Fox walks in and explains to Trevor that he is going to be the test pilot of an experimental jet. The jet is invisible.

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