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Taking you to uncharted realms of science fiction and fantasy . . .

FarCorners Studios (FCS), an independent comic book publisher founded in December 2013, debuted its first printed issue and flagship title, Team Genesis #01, in June 2014. This issue was followed by the digital and print editions of Team Genesis #02 and the July 2015 digital release of its first mini-series, Delta Squadron #1.

FarCorners Studios is a game-changer in the superhero genre because FCS brings to the industry a more evolved superhero. Poised to bring the FarCorners Universe alive via transmedia, FCS engages artistic, business, and community collaboration to bring the universe off the page onto the stage, sightings in your community and onto your mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, and TV screens.

Multi-ethnic, multi-terrestrial, Team Genesis is an experience that spans through three centuries, and was the first title to bring the universe alive. It is well written with well developed characters, plot, and dynamic artwork.

Join us as we journey to the farcorners of the imagination!

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