Nobles are the aristocracy of the galaxy. They are generally well liked and well respected, if they aren’t a despot. A title of nobility grants the bearer exclusive access to events and venues. Nobles know other nobles and even strangers will grant each other certain privileges simply because of their nobility status. Nobles take on professions worthy of their aristocratic lifestyle, such as senators or envoys. They either use these positions to bring about the changes they wish to see in the galaxy or they use them to fulfill their personal aspirations. Whatever the purpose, nobles are not to be trifled. Behind the glitz and fame, lies an intelligent, resourceful, and strategic mind.

Starting Equipment

  • Interstellar passport allowing freedom of movement to the fullest extent possible (1)

  • Diplomatic pouch protects anything inside from being seen or detected (CR 15) (1)

  • Embroidered vestments, with distinguishing markings and colors to identify your nation or planet (1)

  • The official seal of your government, authorizing you to sign official agreements on its behalf (1)

  • Noble Credits: 10D100

  • Quantum Credits: 5D20+3D8

Honing Skills

When you reach 3rd level, 8th level, and again at 15th level, you can gain proficiency in one new skill or expertise in one skill in which you are proficient.

Experience With Kits

When you reach 5th level, and again at 16th level, you can gain proficiency in a kit or expertise in a kit you are already proficient.


Envoys are responsible for keeping the galactic peace. They work directly for the government of their home nation or planet, more often than not behind the scenes. They travel extensively on behalf of their government to establish treaties, agreements, or alliances, and work hard to maintain these relationships. They like the flexibility the job affords them and the benefit of being privy to extremely important information. They are highly intelligent, as they need to know a little about everything and they need to be able to recall this information almost immediately and accurately. They are masters of language, as the wrong words in the wrong tone could send the galaxy into war. They grow to be cunning and shrewd negotiators, allowing them the ability to get virtually anything they want without anyone realizing their true intentions.


  • Skills: Diplomacy and one additional: Astronomy, Deception, History, Intimidation, or Performance

  • Kits: N/A

  • Armor: N/A

  • Weapons: N/A

Ability Score Improvement (ASI)

When you reach 3rd level, and again at 7th level, 9th level, 15th, 18th, and 20th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 1.

Specialty Points

Noble specialty points are based on your Intelligence score if you are an envoy, or Charisma score if you are a senator.


Senators are the political elite, generally descendants of nobility, and have decided to dedicate their life to political pursuits. They are decision makers whose opinions carry significant weight, thus making them well respected (or feared) by all. Senators are great orators and masters of persuasion. They are privy to well guarded secrets and use them to get what they want. Senators rarely, if ever, leave their home planet. They wield considerable power on their home planet and get practically anything they wish. Off world, a senator is only as influential as the planet or nation they represent.