Toolkits and Software Kits

Kits are extremely valuable as they help you perform certain tasks much more efficiently and effectively. In many cases, a task cannot be performed unless a specific kit is used. Kit proficiencies are a useful way to highlight your background and talents. Your profession will determine how quickly you can gain proficiency or expertise with a kit. Certain actions can only be taken with proficiency or expertise with the kit, all other actions you can perform even if not proficient.


Unless otherwise stated, the following bonuses and penalties are applied:

  • No proficiency: Subtract 1D6 from the final score of your check

  • Proficiency: No bonus or penalty

  • Expertise: Add 1D4 to the final score of your check.

All uses of a kit require an action unless otherwise stated in the kit description. When using a kit, roll a D20, add the relevant skill to determine the outcome, and then apply the the bonus or penalty based on your level of familiarity with the kit. If you need to determine a challenge rating (CR) for something that you have created with a kit, roll a D10, add the relevant skill used in creating the effect or object, and then apply the appropriate bonus or penalty above based on your level of familiarity with the kit. If the action does not require proficiency, and you do not have proficiency with that kit, you do not take the 1D6 penalty. Alternately, if you have expertise, you can apply the 1D4 benefit of having expertise even if no proficiency is required.


Toolkits contain physical items that have use in the physical universe. They contain items that you can physically touch and manipulate. The following toolkits are currently available:


  1. Cuisiner’s Toolkit

  2. Engineer's Toolkit

  3. Forgery Toolkit

  4. Mechanic's Toolkit

  5. Medical Toolkit

  6. Stellar Cartography Toolkit

  7. Thieves' Toolkit

Software Kits

Software kits, on the other hand, contain one or two items that allow you to manipulate and upload the computer programming stored on it to have an effect in the digital or physical world, affecting computer systems and networks, if you have access to a computer terminal or other systems or network interface. The following software kits are currently available:


  1. Dark Network Software Kit

  2. Diagnostics Software Kit

  3. Digital Virus Software Kit

  4. Disguise Software Kit

Cuisinier’s Toolkit

Anyone that knows their way around a kitchen or a ship's mess will have their own cooking tools. With this kit, you can create practically any meal in the galaxy with incredible ease. You will also know what ingredients are needed to meet specific dietary requirements and the customs of different cultures as it relates to food and food service.

Cooking: If proficient, you can automatically prepare a tasty meal that gives six creatures of your choice 3 HP. If you have expertise, you can give 5 HP.

Food Tasting: If proficient, you will be able to detect poisons or impurities in food. Use the Investigation skill to perform this check.

When administering treatment you can automatically transform medicine that is bitter or sour into a pleasing concoction. No proficiency is needed.

Cultural Awareness: You can use your Sociology skill to assess the social patterns involved in any culture’s eating habits and dietary needs. You can use your Sociology skill to determine the history of food in any culture you come across.

Iron Chef: When foraging for food, you can make do with ingredients that you scavenge that others would be unable to transform into nourishing meals. This activity would use an Investigation check.

You, if proficient, can hide any object within prepared foods, so long as the object is no more than half the size of the dish and is completely within the dish. The object will not change the original taste of the dish. This activity would use a Performance skill check.

Dark Network Software Kit

The Dark Network can only be navigated by people with awareness of its existence. You can only use this at a terminal connected to the Network. Once inside the Network, this software kit will allow you to do a variety of activities, oftentimes illegal, such as creating new digital identities or stealing money from another person's bank account. Knowledge of other software makes the forgeries that much more believable. Use the Programming skill to perform these checks.


Forgery: If proficient, you can use this kit, once per short rest, to find authentic information, reproduce information in its entirety with it appearing equally authentic, or forge digital signatures and can produce one forged digital document. Your CR, when creating the forgeries, becomes the CR for someone's Programming check to spot the fake.


Burglary: If you are proficient, you can steal up to 10D100 worth of common credits from a target's bank account, if they have the available funds. If you roll for 800 worth of credits and the account only has 60, you will only take the credits in the account. You must first overcome the Systems CR that safeguards the information by adding your Programming skill. The roll to overcome the safeguards becomes your CR. A Programming check that beats your CR will allow someone to trace your actions back to you, revealing your name, race, and location. You can perform this once per long rest. If you have expertise, you can steal an additional 10D100 common credit.


Surveillance: You can use the kit to gather secret or hidden digital information. You will use this kit to overcome the CR of the firewall, or any barriers used to hide the information. You must have expertise in the kit in order to perform this. A Programming check that beats your CR will allow someone to trace your actions back to you and ascertain your name, race, profession, and location.

Diagnostics Software Kit

The diagnostics software is another important tool used to determine if there is a problem with any machine’s operations, mechanical, electrical, or otherwise. If one does exist, you can get specific information as to the problem. Use the Investigation skill to perform this check.


Repairs: If you have expertise, you can add 1D6 HP to any machine you are repairing. You can do this to one machine per long rest.


Automatic Diagnostics: If you have expertise, you can use this kit to create a program that helps protect the machine operations from certain system and hardware failures. The machine gains a 1D4 bonus to all Systems and Reactor checks. You can perform this on one machine, once per long rest. The effects last until the machine is shut down, either on its own or by force.

Systems Check: You do not need to be proficient to use the kit for this task. With the kit you are able to check the computer core for any programs that were installed without your knowledge. If the total of the final score is equal to or greater than the CR of the unknown program, you will detect its presence and know exactly what it is.

Digital Virus Software Kit

Viruses cause anything with a computer to malfunction. A virus is used to force the computer to carry out activities independently or perform an activity it's not originally programmed to do, but still within its capabilities to do, as determined by the Architect. Viruses also cause third-parties to take control of a computer and any machine being operated by the infected computer. A digital virus software kit is essential for any computer programmer or software engineer. You must use your Programming skill when using this kit.

Remove a Virus: The CR of the virus is determined by the skill of the creator. If a virus has multiple effects, each effect has a separate CR.


Create a Virus: The total of the check to create the virus becomes the CR for someone else's attempt to defeat it. If proficient, you can create one specific effect, once per short rest.

Disguise Toolkit

This kit allows you to alter your physical facial appearance so that no one can recognize you when they look at you. Of all the toolkits, this one has the least tools. It uses a digital applicator that can be programmed using a computer terminal and must be injected above the neck. A somewhat painful process, the injection takes 1 minute to complete the change. You can program the applicator with one disguise, but to do so takes 6 hours. Double the time if not proficient, and half the time if an expert. You must use your Programming skill when using this kit. Do not add any bonuses or penalties. The disguise fails if someone's Investigation check is greater than this score. This kit does not automatically disguise you from scanners or magic. The disguise lasts for 8 hours.

Engineer's Toolkit

An engineer never leaves home without their toolkit. The engineer's toolkit is one kit in which every engineer is proficient. This kit allows you to inspect or repair structures and machines that are at least 10ft tall, accommodates any number of creatures on or within it, or weighs over 500lbs.


Repairs: Proficiency with this kit allows you to restore 5 HP to any structure or machine fitting the criteria above, for each hour of work. You can only repair one structure or machine per long rest. If you have expertise, you can do this once per short rest and restore 10 HP.

Inspections: If proficient, this kit will allow you to add 1D4 to your Investigation check of any large structure or machine. If you have expertise, you can add 1D8 to the check.

Efficiency: If you have expertise, you can use this kit to make the machine more efficient. The machine gains a 1D4 to all Reactor checks. You can perform this on one machine, once per long rest. The effects last until the machine is shut down, either on its own or by force.

Forgery Toolkit

The forgery toolkit contains a variety of supplies necessary to create convincing forgeries of physical documents, such as IDs, certificates, and licenses. Forgery toolkits can also be used to make keys.


Duplication: Once per short rest, you can produce a copy of an original document that is no more than one page in length. Once per long rest, you can produce a copy of an original document that is up to four pages long. Such copies are seen as identical, containing the appropriate edits and annotations necessary for your purpose. You can make exact copies of physical keys, so long as you have an uncut key to do so. You can make one key per short rest. A Deception check using a forgery kit determines the CR for someone's Investigation check to spot the copy.


Authentication: When you examine objects, proficiency with a forgery kit in conjunction with the Investigation skill will help determine how an object was made and whether it is genuine.


Deception: A well-crafted forgery, such as papers proclaiming you to be a noble or a writ that grants you safe passage, can lend credence to a lie. One could make fake contracts or maps that can pass as genuine. An Investigation check using a forgery kit determines the CR for someone's Investigation check to spot the fake.


Authorization: This kit will allow you to mimic handwriting, including physical signatures. For handwriting, the kit plus a Sleight of Hand check will create the CR needed for someone’s Investigation check.

Mechanic's Toolkit

A mechanic's toolkit is the source of a mechanic's income. The mechanic's toolkit is used to fix the hull of a machine, or make mechanical and electrical repairs to an object. When using the kit to inspect for damages, you can add 1D4 to an Investigation check. If you have expertise, you can restore 1D8 HP to any object or machine for each hour of work.

Medical Toolkit

The medical kit has a variety of tools to help you diagnose, treat ailments, and heal. Without proficiency, you can use the kit to diagnose a creature’s ailments or tell how many HP the creature has in total and remaining, without penalty. The detection range is 5ft. If you are proficient you can cure one creature of one ailment/condition once per long rest, or three creatures per long rest with expertise. You can heal up to one creature once per long rest, by adding 1D6 HP if proficient. If you have expertise, you can heal up to three creatures, once per long rest, with each creature receiving 1D8 HP.

Stellar Cartography Toolkit

In the endless void that is space, the stellar cartography toolkit is perhaps the most important kit for any traveler. When you are proficient with this kit, in 1D6 days, you can choose one celestial body (planet, comet, star, etc.) and know its exact location and the best route to get there. This knowledge does not go away. With expertise, you can also use this kit to map out space and draw a map, to scale, of space and the celestial bodies within it, based on where you have already been. With proficiency, you can add 1D4 to a Sociology check to recall information about a planet that you have mapped - simply visiting the planet is not enough. You would know the planet’s topography, inhabitants, cultures, and climate.

Thieves' Toolkit

Perhaps the most common tools used among adventurers, the thieves’ tools are designed for picking locks and foiling traps. The tools also grant you a general knowledge of traps and locks. Just as you can disable traps, you can also set them.


Setting Traps: If proficient, you can create a trap using items you have on hand once per short rest. The total of the check becomes the CR for someone else’s attempt to discover or disable the trap. The trap deals damage appropriate to the materials used in crafting it (such as poison or a weapon) and damage equal to half the total of your check. Use your Perception skill to determine the check.


Spot Traps: With proficiency, you can add +1 to your Perception or Investigation check to spot traps. With expertise, you can add +2.

Disabling Traps: With this kit, you can attempt to disable any trap you come across. You must use your Investigation skill to overcome the traps CR.

Picking Locks: When attempting to pick a physical lock, add +2 if proficient and +4 if an expert, to your Investigation skill. If attempting to pick a digital lock, use this kit and your Programming skill to determine the outcome. Add -3 if not proficient or +3 if an expert.