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Calculating Damage

Each weapon, specialty, or program, specifies the damage it deals. The dice you roll after a successful engagement is called the damage dice. You would roll the die in accordance with the instruction of the weapon, specialty, or program you used to engage and add the applicable bonuses and penalties to determine the final damage dealt. It is possible to deal 0 damage, but never negative damage. If there are multiple targets affected by the single engagement, roll for damage once, and that score will apply to all targets. You are to add your Strength score to all melee damage rolls, most conventional ranged weapon damage rolls, and none of the ranged energy weapons. Add your Hull score to the melee damage roll made by machines. Do not add to the damage made by ranged weapons.

If you take damage of any kind, it is going to affect your HP total. However, if you have armor points, you must first deduct physical damage from here. If you have 20 AP and you take physical damage of 10, it will reduce your AP to 10. Continue to deduct until you are down to 0. Radiation and poison damage, for example, are not considered physical damage and does not decrease your armor points. If you have 10 AP and you take physical damage of 15, your AP would be reduced to 0, but then you would begin to take damage of 5 from your HP, unless you have temporary HP. If you have 10 temporary HP, take the 5 points and subtract from them. No damage has directly affected your HP yet, only the armor points and temporary HP, so your total damage should be 0. If you were to try to heal yourself, it would have no effect as you have suffered no damage yet. With 5 temporary HP remaining, if you take any type of damage, it will first subtract from this number. If you receive 10 points of radiation damage, for example, you will lose the remaining 5 temporary points and apply the remaining 5 points of damage to your HP. This means out of the maximum HP you can have, you've only lost 5 HP.

When a creature’s HP reaches 0, it can no longer be healed, it must be revived. A creature can not have negative HP (ex: -10). When a machine reaches 0 HP it can no longer move or engage. It is considered offline and must be repaired to at least 1 HP in order to function. If a machine receives damage that reduces its HP by twice its HP, then it is considered destroyed, and it is unable to be repaired and unable to be used further in the game. This means that if the machine’s maximum HP (without temporary HP) is 100, it can sustain damage up until -99. At -100, the machine will be destroyed.

Types of Damage

When you are adventuring in DSDN you will encounter all types of threats to your creature or machine. Such threats may cause you harm and will inflict damage. There are various types of damage to which you may be subject. Below is a list of the damage types and a description for each.

Immune, Resistant, Vulnerable

There are times when your creature and/or machine will respond to damage in a different way than the other players. This might be due to the immunity, resistance, or vulnerability of the creature or machine to certain types of damage. Your character's race or profession can affect its immunity, resistance, or vulnerability.

When your creature or machine is immune to a specific type of damage, it receives 0 damage when attacked by a weapon that delivers that type of damage. Machines are immune to psychic, poison, and radiation damage.

When your creature or machine is resistant to a specific type of damage, it receives half the damage inflicted by that type. Machines are resistant to fire and cold damage.

When your creature or machine is vulnerable to a specific type of damage, the damage it receives from that type is doubled.

When your creature is in a machine, it enjoys immunity to all types of damage with the exception of psychic, and it is resistant to radiation damage. If the attack is dealt directly to the operator from within the machine, such as the bridge of a ship or the engine room, the creature receives damage as if it was outside the machine.

Calculating Damage
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