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Behind the Universe: Jupiter's Beginning

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Brock Genevro was born in the City of St. Marys in Pennsylvania, USA, to a relatively poor family, the middle child, and the only son of three children. His father was discharged medically from the Marines for mental health reasons, or, “Other Designated Physical and Mental Conditions Discharge”, and taught his son how to street fight since the age of 6, integrating the close-quarters combat fighting styles he learned in the service.

As Brock got older, the lessons became more intense and abusive as the father continued to get more mentally unstable. By the age of 12, Brock’s mother moved out and took his sisters with her, leaving Brock behind with his father. His father soon after turned to drinking and opioid use. The physical “training” continued well into his teenage years, with Brock showing up to school sometimes with bruises he would attempt to keep concealed. Brock started working odd jobs to help support him and his father. While in high school he met Joleen and the two began dating, until her family moved to St. Louis in their senior year. Brock was grief stricken, and swore he would find her. After graduation, Brock continued to work various jobs, but his father, between the alcohol and drugs, continued to get worse, and it became more difficult to cover their expenses. High school friends got him involved in selling marijuana and opioids, the very drugs that his father abused, to help make ends meet. Still determined to find Joleen and fed up with having to support his father, he left home on his 19th birthday for St. Louis.

Nearly a year after moving, he found Joleen still single, attending community college and working in a coffee shop. The two quickly rekindled their love for one another and Joleen became pregnant with Brock’s child. Joleen’s parents didn’t approve of their relationship. They believed that Brock couldn’t provide for a family, and encouraged Joleen to get an abortion. Brock, angry and desperate, started selling drugs again, this time transporting drugs across state lines. One of his routes took him into Oklahoma. The drug deal went wrong and Brock was left to fend for himself in a shootout with an Oklahoma State Trooper. Brock killed the officer and fled back to Missouri. Another drug dealer also transporting across state lines was caught and, in exchange for a lighter sentence, gave up Brock's identity and location. Back in St. Louis, Brock visited Joleen at her parent’s home but was arrested before getting to the door. He put up resistance but was eventually subdued with a gunshot to the leg, all with Joleen and her parents watching from inside their home. Standing trial in Oklahoma, he was charged with a laundry list of offenses, but killing a state trooper and showing no remorse was what encouraged the jury to recommend the death penalty as requested by the state prosecutor. At 21 years old, Brock was committed to the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. Joleen visited Brock once so that he could see his newborn daughter, but she never returned and the letters to him eventually stopped coming.

It is in prison that Brock’s powers became noticeable. While leaving the shower he was jumped by a group of inmates over an incident in the mess hall. His father’s training helped him fight back, but he realized that he felt none of the punches or kicks, or any pain afterwards. On another occasion, he was shanked on the way to his cell, but the attack only grazed him and failed to draw any blood. Brock continued to work out in order to deter would be attackers, and over time he realized that he could feel no pain and his skin couldn’t be bruised or damaged. It’s been 18 years since Brock was put on death row, and the Oklahoma Department of Corrections is making final preparations for his execution by electric chair.

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