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Isyan Allegiance




Isyan (his-see-in)

Siseran (Sis-uh-ran)


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The Isyan Allegiance is the most militaristic force and the largest single organization of planets in the galaxy. The Isyan Allegiance comprises a diverse list of star systems, all under the indirect rule of the Allegiance government. The Isyan Allegiance has been the long-time driving force of hostility among the neighboring galaxies.

The Isyan Allegiance came about when the labor force of the Surrellians rebelled against their masters. The Surrellians were a technologically advanced species with a concentration in cybernetics and genetics. They took animals native to their home planet and evolved them into a slave race, making most of them upright and with an opposable thumb.


In 1865, Earth Standard Calendar, a series of strong solar flares lashed out from their sun, radiating their home planet’s atmosphere. While the Surrellians retreated below the planet’s crust, safe from the radioactive exposure, many of their cyborg servants were left on the surface. The flares caused a change in their neural circuitry and gave them sentience. One of them, one of the first to become aware, called itself Enerjox and united those left on the surface in a movement against their creators. When the Surrellians finally returned to the surface, Enerjox ordered for their immediate enslavement and promised to bring about the demise of their allies. The planet was renamed from Surrellia to Licentia and all planets, nations, and organizations affiliated or belonging to them, were considered part of the Isyan Allegiance.

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The primary race within the Isyan Allegiance is the Siseran. The Siserans are beings with both organic and biomechatronic body parts, with at least 65% of their body being inorganic. They often appear as the human equivalent of animals, standing upright. They are gender neutral, and not referred to in masculine or feminine terminology.

Isyans are known for their militaristic ambitions and determination. Their actions are guided primarily by their past as slaves and they have a deep fear of returning to a life of servitude. Although an autocratic government in practice with an expectation of obedience, the Isyan Allegiance prides itself on the freedoms it offers all its citizens. The Siserans in particular are conservative and law-abiding. They are highly emotional and, as a result, they are affectionate, proud, stubbornly and annoyingly self-righteous, unoriginal, rigid, argumentative, and can find themselves stuck in a self-centered rut. They can go through emotional extremes on occasion, exploding into violent outbursts to the point that they seem to lose all self-control when they are angry. Just as unexpected as their anger is their ability to be humorous. They can dwell on any injuries (physically or emotionally) they incur, leading to fits of vengeance and wrath.

They believe in the collective well being and that no single Siseran is above the others, even when they elevate individuals to positions of authority. They are highly distrusting of non-Siserans, even distrusting of the other races that make up the Isyan Allegiance. The Isyans are industrious, entrepreneurial, prudent, just, firm, and unshaken in the face of difficulties. Regardless of what their physical appearance may be they have a strong taste for things that look good. They enjoy art, beauty, and music. They may even have a strong, sometimes unconventional, religious faith. They love the pleasures of life, such as comfort, luxury, and good food and wine, and are often tempted to over indulge. They flourish in many different trades and professions, including banking, construction, farming, medicine, and cybernetics.

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