One Earth Alliance






The One Earth Alliance was formed after the collapse of every major Earth government during the Great Occupation of 2032. The Great Occupation is the period in Earth's history when the Isyan Allegiance invaded and held control over the planet. Most metropolitans were leveled and over half the population died. After the United Interstellar Alliances (UIA) liberated Earth in 2039, the Xenorians and Brotillians worked with the Humans to rebuild and eventually join the UIA as an independent member. Over time, the Humans recovered and extended their reach beyond the boundaries of their home world, establishing a permanent presence beyond their solar system, and forged economic and military pacts with foreign powers.

After the occupation ended, the old boundaries that divided nations were replaced. Where there were once nearly 200 independent countries prior to the invasion, there are now 92. The Alliance uses both a confederation and federation government model. As a confederation, the 92 states empower the central government through a series of treaties, which, in theory, allows any state to secede should they choose to no longer enforce the treaties. In the early years of the Alliance, there were attempts made by territories to secede. Each attempt failed since no one member state had the resources to establish their own military or economy. It became evident that each member is almost entirely dependent on other member states for its sustainability, making secession virtually impossible. 

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Humans are a resourceful race that have been slow to enter the interstellar arena. However, now that they are part of the UIA, they have shown that their versatility and ingenuity surpasses older space-faring races. Humans are more physically diverse than most other races. Average adult Humans can range in height from less than 5 feet to over 6 feet tall and weigh from 125 to 350 pounds. Human skin shades range from nearly black to very pale. Their hair can grow anywhere on their bodies or nowhere at all, and the colors range from black to white, with a curly, kinky, or straight texture. Although colonized by an alien, their curiosity gets the best of them, and many who venture into space will find companionship with alien races, giving birth to children of mixed species. There is no one way to describe a Human. There are some who are xenophobic while there are others that are not, some are religious while others are not, and some are adventurous while others tend not be.

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