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Hexadonian Federation




Hexadonian (hex-a-doe-nee-in)


The Hexadonian Federation is one of the oldest empires in the galaxy. It is considered one of the original space faring races in the galaxy. They are self-reliant, having never joined any interstellar military or economic association, and feared for their technology and mysticism. Their territory is vast and much of it is largely unknown, even by those within the Federation. It stretches from the center of the Neo Galaxium, and into the neighboring Caelum Galaxy, occupying regions of planet-less space and uninhabited worlds. They were the first race to create transverse technology, which allowed for one vessel, or a flotilla, to travel from one point in space to another, faster than the speed of light. It is the only nation with teleportation technology.

Hexadonian Head.png


Interestingly enough, native Hexadonians are generally homogeneous in appearance. The rumor is that their monarch is a powerful spellcaster, and created the race thousands of years ago just to serve her. They are humanoid in appearance but none are taller than six feet. They have flat faces, large slits on their necks for breathing, moist skin, and eyes that resemble large orbs. They are hairless and their hands and feet only have four digits. There are male, female, and neutral genders. Neutral gender are those born without any external sexual organs and are unable to reproduce on their own. They are naturally height-weight proportionate. Not much is known about the Hexadonian culture as they generally do not leave their territory and outsiders are rarely allowed access.

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