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The Gaul is a prototype model built by the Xenorians in an effort to support the Autochuns after many escaped Victus and established a colony between Xenorian and Victun space. The model is primarily designed to be a support mech. It is currently only accessible to members of the UIA for special purposes.

The Gaul is a small-sized mech. Its cockpit can support two small passengers or one medium passenger. Passengers within the cockpit can have a maximum combined weight of 900lbs. The Gaul stands at 45 feet, weighs 338 tons and has a maximum towing capacity of 845 tons. No single creature or item can be longer than 10ft within it. Its size gives it an advantage on Engines and Evasion checks and is immune from opportunities. If it exceeds its towing capacity, it loses the size advantages and immunities.



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