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Brotillian Confederacy


Brevin (bray-vin)


Brotillian (bro-til-lee-in)


The Brotillian Confederacy is an influential member of the Union of Interstellar Alliances. It is the second largest member, after the Xenorians, in terms of military and economic strength, but has the largest population and covers more territory. Nearly a thousand years ago, Brotillians left their home world and settled on various planets throughout the galaxy. These planets became independent territories with a government that mimicked their home planet. Over time these independent planets stitched themselves together to form what is now recognized as the Confederacy. Brotillians are capable of constructing the necessary buildings to allow for settlement on virtually any planet. For this reason, one may find Brotillians occupying planets that most races wouldn’t be able to live on.


Brotillian is considered a race of builders, showing a natural ability in areas of construction and carpentry. They are civil engineering geniuses. Brotillians are found to lack the imagination of the Xenorians and oftentimes employ members of other races in designing. At puberty, all Brotillians are driven by a desire to build. It is then that each is required to return to Brevin, their home world, in a ritual known as the “Rite of Return”, and join other participants to begin new construction projects. They will build until completion. Although they are incredibly skilled and efficient, certain projects have been known to take years. The central government oversees all construction projects on Brevin. Their buildings have been known to stand the test of time, but they demolish and rebuild quite often. The oldest building, and the only one unable to be demolished or altered, is the Tempest Centrist. This building is the center of the Brotillian faith.

All Brotillians are naturally tall, broad, and sturdily built. Their bodies are extremely adaptive to harsh environments. Their skin comes in shades of gray and can be soft like an amphibian or harden like a reptile, depending on the environmental conditions. Their entire eyes are black as night, with the exception of a tiny white pupil, and are covered by a thin membrane that protects them from contaminants in the air. The muscles that control their eyelids allow for them to open their eyes wide enough to take in as much light as possible in dimly lit settings or close them to be very thin openings just big enough to see through and prevent bright light from blinding them. They are physically strong people and have an endurance level higher than most races in the known galaxies. The Brotillian are practical, honest, and are often accused of being rude. They are extremely focused but sometimes too narrowly focused. They are committed people who believe in family and are proud people who don’t like to apologize. Interspecies dating isn’t popular, but they are not xenophobic. The Brotillians are extremely hospitable, but they can become so  preoccupied in their work that they find little time for pleasantries.


Brotillians are rather fertile. They are one of the few races in which the males become pregnant. When mating, the female deposits up to a dozen eggs in pouches, or birth pods, on the male's back. The male fertilizes the eggs and carries them for 10 months. They typically have a litter of six to ten cubs at one time, and normally give birth up to three times in their lifetime. When it’s time to give birth, the pods split open and the male must push them out. They have shorter life spans than Humans, but reach maturity at roughly the same age. Few have been known to live over 100 years.

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