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Xenorian Cotillion


Xenon (zee-non)


Xenorian (zuh-nor-ee-in)


The Xenorian Cotillion is one of the largest, strongest, and one of the most influential members of the Union of Interstellar Alliances (UIA), an organization of which it helped to create. An old race, advanced when Humans were young, their reach spans thousands of light years across the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy.

Xenorian Head.png


Xenorians are similar to Humans in appearance with the exception that all Xenorians generally look the same. They all have the same grey eye color, olive skin tone, black or white hair color and oily texture. They can be tall or short in height, and are rarely overweight, leaving most to be between lean and muscular. Just like Humans, they have no one collective approach, unlike most other races that tend to be socially homogeneous. They are a race of great contradictions. They can be seen as erratic and incohesive, unpredictable, calculating, and cold. They have also been known to be extremely benevolent, surprisingly energetic, and have a dislike for coarse, dirty work. They are deeply rooted in logic, quite focused on a larger perspective, and rely heavily on fact-finding experimentation.


Contrary to that, they are very religious, almost to the point of fanaticism. They believe in universal harmony and claim their goals, regardless of their actions, is to balance out the universe. This is the foundation of their faith and what they believe is their reason for existing. Combining this belief with their strong sense of justice, Xenorians have no qualms with legitimizing wars, some of which they have encouraged, claiming it to be for the “greater good”. Still, they generally support acts of peace and are great diplomats and negotiators, usually moderate in their opinions and able to see other points of view, ending conflicts before they begin. Although most are modestly content, others are extremely ambitious.


They are naturally gifted in the arts and as orators. Highly creative, Xenorian artistic works are renowned throughout the known galaxies. One of the most intelligent of races, they have some of the most advanced technology. Xenorians have strict laws in comparison to most races, and believe in law and order above all else. Although they enjoy great freedoms, their penal code levies severe penalties for acts that result in disharmony or civil unrest, such as lying.

All Xenorians age three times slower than that of Humans and are naturally resistant to telepathic influences. They are immune to Earth-born diseases and illnesses. They have an indomitable will and some of their most devout religious leaders have trained themselves in the mental art of Xenle (zen-lah), or psychic projection and detection.

Xenorian Front.png
Xenorian Back.png
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