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Dr. Benjamin Grant

Real Name: Benjamin Axon
Position: Lieutenant Commander; Founder; Chairman; Chief Executive Officer

Affiliation: Union of Intergalactic Alliances; GenTex; Team Genesis

Sex: Male
Height/Weight: 5'11; 190lbs
Date of Birth: December 14
Race: Human/Xenorian

Nationality: Terran

Citizenship: United Terran Federation; United States of America

Benjamin Axon is half-Human and half-Xenorian. His Xenorian genes enable him to have all of the natural abilities of a Xenorian: an indomitable will, immunity to all Human diseases and illnesses, resistance to telepathic influences, and age three-times slower than a Human. His "gehm gene" is active and grants him the ability to manipulate his aura for a variety of effects: an awareness and sensitivity to the spiritual world, a photographic memory, faster healing from physical injury, increased vitality and vigor, increased endurance and flexibility, and the ability to tag another individuals aura and then locate them anywhere. He can also sense other auras, psychic energies, and paranormal forces. Aside from English, Benjamin is also fluent in Spanish, French, Mandarin, Russian, Japanese, German, and Xenorian.

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