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The Ward

Real Name: Travis Ryan Bramble

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 6’5; 260lbs

Date of Birth: January 25

Race: African

Nationality: American/Solun

Citizenship: United States of America; The United Isles of Sol

The Ward Self.png

Travis can create impenetrable force fields around himself, other people, and objects, providing protection from virtually any external force. He can use his powers to repel, deflect, or even contain people and objects. He can use his repulsion abilities when moving so that he floats just above the ground. This gives him increased speed when walking or running, exerting very little energy in the process. He can easily decide to walk normally and push items that would cause him harm out of the way. Travis’s power also allows for him to jump great heights and slow his descent when falling. His power is limited by his will, and continued use of his power can quickly exhaust him. In time, Travis will be able to master his powers to the point that he can repel or contain atoms.

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