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Real Name: Dennis Washington
Affiliation: Delta Squadron; formerly United States Marine Corps

Sex: Male
Height/Weight: 5'10; 195lbs
Date of Birth: February 17

Race: African

Nationality: American

Citizenship: United States of America

Dennis can navigate throughout the Shadow Realm, one of eleven realms. This allows him the ability to move through a shadow, or a dark corner and/or space, and end up anywhere he chooses, making him a master of stealth. He can even transport objects and people with him. He is a master swordsman and has two specially crafted swords, enchanted by his teammate Mystic, allowing him to recall the swords at will, often times through the Shadow Realm, and giving them the added ability to never dull or rust. He has night vision and superhuman reflexes and agility. He has been trained extensively in several forms of martial arts and is a master in close-quarters fighting techniques.

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