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Radha Khan

Real Name: Radha Khan

Title: Chief of Staff

Affiliation: The Zenon Group

Sex: Female

Height/Weight: 5’2; 120lbs

Date of Birth: March 20

Race: Asian

Nationality: Indian

Citizenship: United Kingdom; Republic of India

Radha possesses a variety of psionic abilities: telepathy, or the ability to read, project, and manipulate thoughts; telekinesis, the power to mentally manipulate matter; sensory scrying, or the ability to perceive through the senses of others after touching something that they have been in contact with; and psychic projection, or the ability to separate one’s conscious (or spirit) from one’s body and then operate on the third, or psychic, plane. Xenorian genetic infusion and manipulation allows for Radha to live three times longer than the average Human and immune to all Human and Xenorian diseases. Radha is fluent in English and Xenorian. Her telepathic abilities afford her the ease of communicating with anyone without having to learn their native language.

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