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Madam Chi

Real Name: Monica Qing

Affiliation: Sisters of Tomorrow

Sex: Female

Height/Weight: 5’5; 135lbs

Date of Birth: November 11

Race: Asian

Nationality: Japanese

Citizenship: People's Republic of China (formerly)

Monica has superhuman dexterity, endurance, and reflexes. She is a master gunner. She has expert knowledge of guns and is skilled with all variations of guns and projectile weaponry. She has excellent intuition on trigger-initiated, hand-held, and hand-directed implements. She is capable of calculating the most precise angle for targeting an opponent and predicting where to be in order to avoid being shot by the enemy.

All of her five senses are enhanced. She can see at great distances and at night. A transparent, protective sheath, protects her eyes from damage and infection, and allows her to maintain her perfect vision even in harsh environments. She can hear at great distances, distinguish individual sounds from many, hear at incredibly low decibels, and unharmed by extremely high decibels. She has increased sensitivity to taste allowing her to distinguish flavors, ingredients, and detect poisons. She can smell at great distances and distinguish individual smells from many. Her sensitivity to touch allows her to detect vibrations, and imperfections in solid objects. Unfortunately her pain receptors are also sensitive, making direct, physical attacks much more painful than for the average human.

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