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Lukeni Kwilu

Real Name: Lukeni Kwilu

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 5’9; 155lbs

Date of Birth: July 7

Race: Human

Nationality: Celestial Magi

Citizenship: Kingdom of Kongo (formerly)

Lukeni is a Celestial Magus and has the ability to summon the cosmic powers of Armagon, one of the First Ones, to produce a variety of effects. As a Celestial Magus, he ages incredibly slow and can naturally detect other magical beings or artifacts. Lukeni draws his power primarily from the Shadow Realm and has mastered the power of illusion. He can also see through illusions, camouflages, and any form of deception. He can move through a shadow, or a dark corner and/or space, and end up anywhere and in any time he chooses. He can even transport objects and people with him.

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