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Karl Nicodemus

Real Name: Karl Nicodemus

Title: General Counsel

Affiliation: The Zenon Group

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: 5’10; 185lbs

Date of Birth: February 1

Race: Caucasian

Nationality: Austrian

Citizenship: Federal Republic of Germany

Karl’s power is based on direct physical contact with another living being. He can gain the powers and abilities of the target for a brief time. These abilities are limited to energy projection, psionics, and enhanced physical capabilities. He is unable to alter his molecular or physiological structure in anyway. Karl can read the thoughts of another; the longer the contact, the more information he can gather. Over the years he has learned to gather information faster. Telepaths, beings with psionic abilities, and the abnormally strong-willed are resistant and can block his probes completely. Karl is not immune from telepathic or psionic influences, nor can he sense these energies. When using his power, the target suffers no ill-effects, which allows Karl to be discreet. Xenorian genetic infusion and manipulation allows for Karl to live three times longer than the average Human and immune to all Human and Xenorian diseases. Karl is fluent in English, Xenorian, German, Mandarin, Tamil, and Cantonese.

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