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Jonathan Hamilton

Real Name: Jonathan Hamilton

Title: Executive Vice President of Marketing

Affiliation: The Zenon Group

Sex: Male

Height/Weight: Varies; typically 5’11; 185lbs

Date of Birth: October 15

Race: Caucasian

Nationality: Australian

Citizenship: United Kingdom; Australia; New Zealand

Jonathan possesses the ability to change his shape at will. He can become any solid shape he wishes, but he can only increase his height up to 9ft and reduce it to 3ft. He can take on the physical attributes of any person or thing and use them to his benefit (wings for flying, claws for scratching, gills for underwater breathing, etc.), but he can’t duplicate special abilities or properties (energy discharge, enhanced senses, diamond hardness, etc). Jonathan is omnilinguistic, allowing him to speak, read, write, and understand virtually any language he comes across. He only needs to hear it or see it and in seconds he can master it, though with more complex languages it has been known to take more time. He is unable to retain the language indefinitely. After a few hours without exposure, he loses his ability to speak it completely. The only languages he naturally knows fluently is English and Xenorian. He can not speak any language that would require an extra ability, such as telepathy or the production of pheromones. Xenorian genetic infusion and manipulation allows for Jonathan to live three times longer than the average Human and immune to all Human and Xenorian diseases.

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