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In their desire to ensure stability and peace, the Xenorians built the Zulu as a powerful frontline weapon. This model and the Arawak are commonly used in policing efforts throughout the galaxy.


The Zulu is a medium-sized mech. The hull of the Zulu is a standard hull plating used on most mechs of its size. Light enough for easily maneuvering, but thick enough to withstand direct assaults. It’s cockpit can support up to two small or two medium-sized creatures. Passengers within the cockpit can have a maximum combined weight of 1 ton. The Zulu stands at 75 feet, weighs 563 tons, and has a maximum towing capacity of 1,406 tons. No single creature or item can be longer than 10ft within it.


The Zulu’s computer core’s processor is highly advanced and allows for enhanced scanner range and early detection system. It’s also built with several fail safes, ensuring the integrity of its vital systems. The Zulu has an advantage on Engines checks and +1 to Scanners.



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