The Khazar is a deadly model designed by one of the most reclusive races in the galaxy. It’s been known to end battles before they even begin. The Khazar is the only mech model that is built with support drones that can be deployed to assist in securing victory for the Hexadonian military.

The Khazar is a large-sized mech. Its cockpit can support two medium or one large-sized creature. Passengers within the cockpit can have a maximum combined weight of 1 ton. The Khazar stands at 115 feet, weighs 690 tons (685 without drones), and has a maximum towing capacity of 1,725 tons. No single creature or item can be longer than 12ft within it. The Khazar’s hull is much lighter than other mechs of its size, so as not to lose too much mobility. Unfortunately, this causes the mech to be less durable.

The Khazar’s computer core is the most advanced in the known galaxies and has a faster operator sync time.

The Khazar has two support drones available: 1 attack, 1 defense. The Khazar can deploy or recall each drone with a secondary action. Only one drone can be active at a time. You choose the drone type before it is deployed. The drones provide additional benefits to the Khazar but must be within 5 hexes of the Khazar in order for the mech to gain such benefits. The drones are the size of a giant creature. The drones take their action directly after the mech's turn. The drones do not create opportunities for other mechs, but can create opportunities for creatures. Each drone can perform its actions three times and regain the ability after it returns to the mech and the mech performs a shut down. Add 10 to each of the ability values for the drones to determine each ability's challenge rating (CR) during a check.


Combat Drone

Support Drone

Khazar Front.png
Khazar Back.png