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The Druze is an intimidating melee combat model and the pride of the Isyan ground forces. The Isyans spent decades designing the perfect mech that would grind their enemies into the planet’s crust. Few dared to challenge a Druze in one-on-one combat, and if they did, they were almost certain to lose.

The Druze is a gargantuan-sized mech. Its cockpit can support one large or one extra large creature. Passengers within the cockpit can have a maximum combined weight of 3 tons. The Druze stands at 135 feet, weighs 1,080 tons, and has a maximum towing capacity of 2,700 tons. No single creature or item can have a dimension larger than 16ft within it. The Druze’s hull is made from some of the strongest metals in the known galaxies, making it dense and extremely durable.

The Druze’s computer core was designed for combat. It is one of the best tactical computer systems among the major races and it enjoys advantages on melee engagements.


Druze Front.png
Druze Back.png


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