The Brotillians, by nature, are non confrontational. They spend most of their time building or with their families. When it comes to military tactics, protection is their primary focus. They specialize in defensive technology and they are considered to have the best in the universe. The Berber is a heavily armored mech that is used in defensive roles and specializes in long range engagements. What it lacks in speed it makes up in durability.

The Berber is a large-sized mech. Its cockpit can support two medium or two large-sized creatures. Passengers within the cockpit can have a maximum combined weight of 1 ton. The Berber stands at 115 feet, weighs 920 tons, and has a maximum towing capacity of 2,300 tons. No single creature or item can be longer/taller than 15ft within it. The Berber’s reinforced hull makes it heavier than most mechs its size.

The Berber’s hull and size limits its mobility, but the reactor it carries limits it even further. The Berber’s reactor contributes to a quarter of the Berber’s overall weight and is nearly twice the size of a reactor for a large-sized mech. The Berber’s reactor produces enough energy to power a mech more than twice its size, making it one of the most powerful mech reactors ever built.