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The Arawak was the only mech design created by Humans and it was the last mech model designed that entered widespread use. The Humans made the model extremely versatile, capable of participating in a variety of missions and serving a multitude of purposes.


The Arawak is a medium-sized mech. The hull of the Arawak is a standard hull plating used on most mechs of its size. Light enough for easily maneuvering, but thick enough to withstand direct assaults. Its cockpit can support up to two small or two medium-sized creatures. Passengers within the cockpit can have a maximum combined weight of 1 ton. The Arawak stands at 75 feet, weighs 563 tons, and has a maximum towing capacity of 1,406 tons. No single creature or item can be longer than 10ft within it.


The Arawak’s engines were originally designed and built on Mars and, like all mechs, it provides the mech the power it needs to move and react. The engines were built specifically to align with the Arawak’s adaptable functionality and still provide for optimal performance. The Arawak moves a bit faster than other mechs of its class, adding an addition five hexes to its movement.

The Arawak’s computer core is based on an old Xenorian mainframe, as it was Xenorian technology that helped the Humans catch up with the other races after the Great Occupation. The Humans, in their ingenuity, managed to make significant improvements upon the original computer core.



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