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Debora Caprioglio

Real Name: Debora Caprioglio

Title: Executive Vice President of Communications

Affiliation: The Zenon Group

Sex: Female

Height/Weight: 5’6; 140lbs

Date of Birth: September 10

Race: Caucasian

Nationality: Italian

Citizenship: Italian Republic; Hellenic Republic

Debora has the power to make suggestions to the subconscious of others. She has the power to put others in a suggestive trance using eye contact. She can compel people by speaking, even persuading them into hurting/killing themselves. She can affect multiple people at a time and in a limited geographical area, depending on which talent she uses. Xenorian genetic infusion and manipulation allows for Debora to live three times longer than the average Human and immune to all Human and Xenorian diseases. Debora is fluent in Greek, English, Italian, Turkish, Slovak, and Xenorian.

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