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Real Name: Vanessa Genevro-Ward

Affiliation: Sisters of Tomorrow

Sex: Female

Height/Weight: 5’10; 180lbs

Date of Birth: December 6

Race: Caucasian

Nationality: American

Citizenship: United States of America

Vanessa was born with an indestructable skeleton. Due to specialized nanites passed on by Enerjox, Vanessa also has superhuman strength and endurance, being able to manipulate objects up to 50 tons. Her joints and ligaments have all been enhanced to support her powerful frame and grants her the ability to jump several stories and land from an equal height with ease. Her pain receptors have been nullified which gives her the ability to withstand extreme physical strain and impact, and supernatural stamina. She can run at speeds of up to 75 mph for an extended period of time, her left eye has telescopic and infrared vision, and she has superhuman hearing in her left ear. She can swim at speeds of upto 25 knots and hold her breath for over 45 minutes. She has a cybernetic network running through her entire body and can control the nanites within her to aid in healing and interfacing with any computer device. Her mind is not enhanced, however, so she is unable to process information as fast as the computers with which she interfaces.

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