Senators are the political elite, generally descendants of nobility, and have decided to dedicate their life to political pursuits. They are decision makers whose opinions carry significant weight, thus making them well respected (or feared) by all. Senators are great orators and masters of persuasion. They are privy to well guarded secrets and use them to get what they want. Senators rarely, if ever, leave their home planet. They wield considerable power on their home planet and get practically anything they wish. Off world, a senator is only as influential as the planet or nation they represent. The CR for a Senator is 10+your Charisma score.

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Endless Lull

At 1st level, your words become so soothing that it can send creatures to sleep. Any creature you choose, that you can see and that can hear you, must make a Wisdom check against your CR. On a fail, the creature is put to sleep and can’t take any action for an hour or until it is engaged. You must spend a specialty point for each creature you attempt to put to sleep. At 16th level, you can increase the length of sleeping time by one hour for each additional specialty point spent per creature. Creatures that can’t understand you are unaffected.

Captivating Words

Your oratory skills are exceptional and can enthrall creatures into hanging on your every word. At 2nd level you can force any creature you choose, that can hear you and that you can see, to make a Wisdom check against your CR. On a fail, they focus their attention on you. You must expend a specialty point for each creature that you wish to charm. While they are focused on you, they will not engage or move. This only lasts for an hour, until the creature is engaged, or until you become incapacitated. Creatures that can’t understand you are unaffected.


As a senator, you have a knack for getting people to trust you. At 3rd level, as an action and with a specialty point, any creature that you can see within 30 feet of you must make a Wisdom check. If it fails, for 1 hour the creature is convinced that you are an ally.

Well Spoken

A Senator speaks so eloquently and convincingly, it’s hard not to believe them. At 3rd level, you have an advantage on all Deception and Persuasion checks.

Always First

Senators enjoy having the privilege of going before others. At 4th level, you can add your Charisma score to your initiative.

Diplomatic Immunity

Out of respect for their political status, every government grants to another the full protection of their senators from persecution or search and seizure. When you are at 5th level, you receive diplomatic immunity. You are unable to be arrested or detained by any government policing agent or agency. Your personal belongings can not be seized or confiscated.

At 8th level, you are able to use a specialty point as a reaction to force any creature you see that makes an engagement against you to choose another target. If the target gets to engagement twice, both engagements are affected.

Well Informed

As a Senator you are privy to secrets no one would dare think exist. At 5th level, as an action you can expend a specialty point to force any creature, that you can see and that can hear you, to make a Wisdom check against your CR. On a fail, you get truthful answers to a specific question from any creature. Each question costs a specialty point and forces a Wisdom check. Such information must be shared in secret with you. Creatures that can’t understand you are unaffected. At 8th level, you gain an advantage on Intimidation checks.


Senators don’t get their hands dirty. Instead, they delegate others. At 6th level, and with a specialty point, you can convince any creature that can see and that can hear you to perform any act that you wish, so long as it is physically possible and it doesn’t harm the creature. The act must be equal to one action. The creature must make a Wisdom check against your CR. Creatures that can’t understand you are unaffected.


At 9th level you are able to summon bodyguards to aid you whenever your life is in danger. Each bodyguard costs two specialty points. These bodyguards take one turn to get to you and they stay for 1 hour, until you dismiss them, or until they die, whichever comes first, even if you become incapacited. They are loyal to you and your allies. They each get their own initiative. They use melee weapons only. See chart below for bodyguard stats. At 13th level, your bodyguards become stronger and are able to use ranged weapons and they stay until they die or they are dismissed.

Mech Repairs

Senators are granted the authority to get their mechs fully repaired at no cost anywhere on any celestial body or facility owned or operated by their nation or the nation of an ally. You can use this benefit at 10th level. Such repairs take 1D8 hours to complete.

At 13th level, you are able to use a specialty point to fully repair one ally’s mech at no cost. Repairs take 1D12 hours to complete.