Mechanics that are machinists are the ones that love to get their hands dirty. They are always working in, on, or under a machine. Don’t be surprised to find a machinist taking something apart just to put it back together again. They enjoy learning new ways to repair old things. They are a mech operator’s closest companion as they can repair any structural damage done to virtually any machine. They can also work on the indoor plumbing or electrical systems inside a machine or structure, regardless of the size.

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Tough Skin

At 1st level, while you are not wearing any armor, your AP is equal to 10 + your character level.

Hard Worker

You’ve worked in some inhospitable environments and endured long hours keeping things running. At 3rd level and again at 15th level, you can increase your Constitution score by 1, to a maximum of 10.


At 3rd level, you can add proficiency to Investigation and Perception checks. If you are already proficient, you now have expertise. If you already have expertise, you have advantage.


At 3rd level, you can restore the health points of any machine, including mechs, you can touch with an action equal to 2D6+Intelligence score. You expend a specialty point each time you perform this act. At 6th level, you can restore health points as a secondary action. At 12th level, you can restore health points to any mech equal to 2D10+Intelligence score. At 18th level, you can increase it to 2D12+Intelligence score.


When you spend enough time on strange planets, you learn how to defend yourself. At 5th level, you gain an advantage on Survival checks. You also gain proficiency in all melee weapons.


At 7th level, you are proficient in using your tools as a weapon. When you are equipped with a mechanic’s kit, you can add 1D4 to your unarmed damage roll. You can add 1D8 at 12th level. If you are not in possession of a mechanic’s kit, the SM can allow you to use comparable tools that you may find.

Strong Shoulders

After years of moving heavy equipment around, you gain a stronger frame. At 9th level, you can increase your Strength ability score by 1 and gain an advantage in Strength checks.

Hull Technician

At 9th level, and again at 14th level and 18th level, you can increase the Hull score for any mech you operate by 1, to a maximum of 10. The bonus only applies while you are operating the mech.