Forge Master

Every mech has a reactor that can be converted to a usable forge to create or fortify objects, such as weapons and armor, so long that it contains metal and contains no wood. Engineers who know how to use a reactor for this purpose are known as forge masters. They spend most of their time understanding the reactors and how to maximize their output.

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At 1st level, you can create any small, nonmagical item worth no more than 100gc. These items can not generate any type of energy on their own. It takes you 6 hours to create one item per specialty point. Small objects are items that can generally fit in one or two hands (or equivalent) of a medium creature and are light enough to be carried with one or two hands (or equivalent). The time reduces by an hour every two levels until the 9th level. (5 hours at 3rd level, 4 hours at 5th, 3 hours at 7th, 2 hours at 9th).

Radiation Specialist

At 3rd level, you deal an extra 1D4 radiation damage with every melee weapon engagement. You gain an additional 1D4 at 6th level (2D4), and at 12th level (3D4). You can do this the number of times equal to your Wisdom score. At 8th level, you gain resistance to radiation damage and, with a medicine kit, you can also use an action to heal one creature from radiation sickness. You would need a long rest before you can perform this action again.


At 3rd level, you can use a long rest to enhance one melee weapon or armor that has metal and no wood. The weapon gains a +1 bonus to damage rolls, and the armor gains +10 to AP, both for 24 hours. You can enhance the number of items equal to your Wisdom score. These bonuses increase to +2 and +20 at 8th level, and +3 and +30 at 16th level.


At 7th level, you can channel the reactor’s energy into your mech’s engagements. On a successful hit, your mech’s energy weapons make an additional 1D4 fire damage and 1D4 radiation damage. You must expend a Reactor Point. At 12th level, your mech’s energy weapons make additional 1D4 (2D4) fire damage and 1D4 (2D4) radiation damage.

Efficiency Expert

At 8th level, any mech you operate gets an additional +1 to its Reactor score, and an additional +1 at 18th level.


At 12th level, you are able to add a bonus to any ranged mech weapon engagement roll equal to your Wisdom score. This bonus only applies to the weapons of mechs that you are currently in operation of at the time of the engagement. You must expend a Reactor Point to use this.


At 15th level, you can expend a Reactor Point to use the reactor to boost the range of all mech energy weapon engagements. When engaging with a ranged weapon, your reach is doubled. You are able to add an additional 1D10 to the damage roll. Your target must make a Hull check against your Reactor CR. On a fail, the target is pushed back 15 hexes and knocked down. On a success, the target is pushed back but is not knocked down. You can use the reactor to boost energy armor, adding an additional +50 to AP and providing an additional 10 minutes of time. You can only do this once, after which you must shut down the mech before you can use this feature again. You do not need to take a rest.

Chief Engineer

At 20th level, all activities that required a long rest between tasks, now only require a short rest. Any mech you operate only needs to reboot in order to gain the benefits of a shutdown.