Mechs are giant limbed vehicles used by individuals for a variety of purposes, from construction to war. In DSDN, mechs are rather common. All mechs need an operator, as they are not automatons capable of independent decision making or action. The operator needs to be within the mech or outside the mech using a remote controlling system. Mechs are either purchased, gifted, found, or stolen. You and the SM can determine how exactly you are going to acquire your mech. A mech is not needed in order to play DSDN.

Brotillian Berber

The Brotillians, by nature, are non confrontational. They spend most of their time building or with their families. When it comes to military tactics, protection is their primary focus. They specialize in defensive technology and they are considered to have the best in the universe. The Berber is a heavily armored mech that is used in defensive roles and specializes in long range engagements. What it lacks in speed it makes up in durability.

Hexadonian Khazar

The Khazar is a deadly model designed by one of the most reclusive races in the galaxy. It’s been known to end battles before they even begin.

Isyan Druze

The Druze is an intimidating melee combat model and the pride of the Isyan ground forces. The Isyans spent decades designing the perfect mech that would grind their enemies into the planet’s crust. Few dared to challenge a Druze in one-on-one combat, and if they did, they were almost certain to lose.

Terran Arawak

The Arawak was the only mech design created by Humans and it was the last mech model designed that entered widespread use. The Humans made the model extremely versatile, capable of participating in a variety of missions and serving a multitude of purposes.

Xenorian Zulu

In their desire to ensure stability and peace, the Xenorians built the Zulu as a powerful frontline weapon. Its defensive and offensive capabilities are some of the most impressive for a mech of its size. This model and the Arawak are commonly used in policing efforts throughout the galaxy.

Zanimanian Gaul

The Gaul was built by the Autochun’s after many escaped Victus and established a colony between Xenorian and Victun space. The model was primarily used as a support mech, armed with offensive and defensive capabilities.