Gunslingers are the hired runners of the galaxy. They are the ones doing all the dirty work for anyone that can afford their services. They are usually bounty hunters or mercenaries. Gunslingers normally operate solo, are generally well connected, and are quite knowledgeable. Although they prefer ranged energy weapons, as the name would allude, they are equally skilled in hand-to-hand combat and in the use of melee weapons. Gunslingers tend to be dependable, as they always try to fulfill the terms of their contracts. Gunslingers are generally nomadic, never bothering to set roots, as work keeps them mobile and makes it very difficult to make lasting relationships. They spend most of their time earning new contracts, but it doesn’t stop them from having fun or fulfilling their own personal desires.

Starting Equipment

  • Star chart of current star system (1)

  • Simple energy weapon (1)

Honing Skills

Gunslingers spend very little time learning new skills that don’t directly help them in their work-for-hire lifestyle. They are rather content. When you reach 8th level, and again at 16th level, you can gain expertise in one skill in which you are proficient.

Experience With Kits

Gunslingers don’t have a need for kits like most others. They rely primarily on their wits and their weapons. When you reach 6th level and 18th level, you can gain proficiency in a kit or expertise in a kit you are already proficient.


  • Skills: Choose two from the following: Astronomy, Athletics, History, Investigation, Perception, Persuasion, Stealth, and Survival

  • Kits: Stellar Cartography Toolkit

  • Armor: Light, Energy

  • Weapons: Energy Ranged

Ability Score Improvement (ASI)

Always facing danger, meeting new people, and gaining new experiences, Gunslingers mature rather quickly. When you reach 2nd level, and again at 6th level, 9th level, 11th level, 15th level, and 20th level, you can increase one ability score by 1.

Specialty Points

All Gunslingers have specialty points, which they use to determine how many times they can perform special actions. Gunslingers specialty points are based on your Charisma score (Bounty Hunter) and Dexterity score (Mercenary) and vary on the specialty being used.

Accuracy Points

  • Bullseye: When you engage with a ranged energy weapon, you can use one accuracy point to automatically hit the target, so long it is within your weapon’s range.

  • Point-Blank: When you engage with a ranged energy weapon, you can use one accuracy point to make the engagement roll a critical hit if it is above a 10. If you are within 5 feet of a target, you do not suffer a penalty on a ranged energy weapon.

  • Warning Shot: On your turn, you can use an action and one accuracy point to roll an Intimidation check with advantage. This becomes the CR. The target must make a Wisdom check against the CR. On a fail, the target must use its full movement to get away from you and can’t take any action against you. The target can move in any direction, but can’t be forced into an unsafe space. The target can provoke opportunities while moving, but not from you.

  • Immobilize: When you engage with a ranged energy weapon, and after you roll damage, you can use one accuracy point to reduce the target’s movement to 0 until the end of its next turn.

  • Mortar: When you engage with a ranged energy weapon, and after you roll damage, you use one accuracy point to force the target to make a Strength check. On a fail, the target is pushed back 15 feet, regardless of the terrain, and knocked down. On a successful check, the target is pushed back but not knocked down.

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